About HRB

HRB is a biotech company located in the Netherlands, specialized in genetically optimizing plants that are used to produce high value compounds, for example by increasing yields or introducing innovative traits. HRB is active on two fronts: we offer genetic optimization of plants as a service, and we have an active R&D pipeline to develop IP. HRB closely collaborates with Wageningen University, is linked to StartLife Wageningen (Dutch government support program for “ag-tech” entrepreneurs), in 2015 received a prestigious Horizon2020 grant from the EU to support R&D efforts, and in 2016 joined a Dutch food & agriculture trade mission to California.

HRB was incorporated in May 2015 in the Netherlands, by its two founders: Rudi Ariaans, MSc, and Ferdinand Los, PhD.

Rudi Ariaans (CEO)

Mr. Ariaans has a commercial background and previously worked at large multinationals like DSM and Abbott in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

Ferdinand Los (CSO)

Dr. Los is a biologist who trained at the University of California San Diego and Columbia University (New York), before moving into entrepreneurship and consulting.

Advisory Board

HRB has multiple scientific and strategic advisors.