Services & Products

We provide specialized end-to-end services in plant optimization:

  • Improve nutritional value
  • Adjust content of a specific compound
  • Increase abiotic and biotic stress resistance

Resulting in:

  • Improved yield and/or quality
  • Structural cost reductions and shorter time-to-market
  • Sustainable quality improvements such as lower pesticide use
  • New varieties with innovative traits

HRB can advise you on choosing the right approach, considering regulatory requirements and IP / licensing requirements. Depending on local regulations, various techniques may be labeled GMO or non-GMO. HRB’s wide range of genetic tools will ensure a non-GMO solution for your specific situation.

*HRB has exclusive rights to the SuRE technology for applications in the agricultural industry. This technology is licensed from Gen-X, a spinoff of the NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute).