HRB INSIGHTS – R&D Optimization & Automation

Hudson River Biotechnology is an innovation-oriented company, with many brilliant scientists in the team. So how do we create an environment where our scientists can perform necessary project tasks, enjoy their work, AND have the time and energy to innovate? Our Innovation & Automation managers, Kitty Huijben & Judit Hunyadkürti wrote down what we’re doing at HRB to make […]

HRB applies for patent for targeted delivery of crop care products and biologicals

March 15, Wageningen – To combat the current issues prevalent in field crop care, HRB and SE collaborated on PlentranceTM: a targeted, biodegradable particle for crop inputs, which can uniquely penetrate the plant cell wall and deliver cargo inside plant cells. Ferdinand Los (CSO): “Originally tailored for CRISPR delivery as part of TiGER genome editing […]

Prof. Enrico Mastrobattista joins Hudson River Biotechnology’s Scientific Advisory Board and will advise on nanoparticle delivery

Professor Enrico Mastrobattista, full professor of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology & Delivery at the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Utrecht University, joins the Scientific Advisory Board of Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB). Prof. Mastrobattista’s expertise lies in drug delivery, pharmaceutical biotechnology and nanobiotechnology. He currently leads a research program to develop biomimetic drug delivery systems for the targeted […]

Computomics and Hudson River Biotechnology Collaborate in Optimizing Plant Breeding with CRISPR

Computomics and Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB) will start offering AccelATrait™, a joint end-to-end solution using CRISPR-based gene editing for novel plant trait development. AccelATrait™ uses tailormade machine learning and CRISPR gene editing technologies to deliver new crop varieties with desired traits. AccelATrait™ covers the entire workflow from experimental design to plant regeneration. It helps plant […]