Next generation nanoparticles to deliver active ingredients

New molecules you have developed offer great potential in reducing the amount of active ingredient necessary but efficient delivery remains a challenge, especially for field application. Our Plentrance nanoparticle formulations are scalable, biodegradable and provide better control and efficiency

Based in successful guide delivery for our gene editing activities, we have now crossed over to applying nanoparticles for delivery of agro-biologicals. Plentrance™ nanoparticles penetrate the plant cell wall and make active ingredients available in the right place at the right time. 

Together with you, we develop tailor-made nanoparticles that increase the efficacy of the delivery, significantly lowering the dosage requirements. This lowers the associated costs for farmers and decreases the strain on our natural ecosystems. Our solutions include multiple patented formulations for delivery of various substances, such as herbicides, fertilisers and nucleotides. 

Curious to know how our nanotechnology could help you?

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