We need plants

From our oxygen and vegetables, to our vaccine development, and to the rubber in our car tires and the biofuel heating our houses, we cannot escape our need for plants.

But with a growing world-population, the effects of climate change, declining soil quality, and competing demands on land, we are running into the limitations of our bioeconomy.

Hudson River Biotechnology intends to deliver on the promise that crop improvement can address the demands of a resilient, sustainable bioeconomy.

We are an independent technology provider and solve plant production challenges across the value chain. To do this, we deliver technologies that are needed to develop and grow crops of higher quality, more efficiently and sustainably.

By providing these technologies to our partners, we contribute to better plants and higher plant yields while reducing the inputs necessary. Ultimately, decreasing the impact on our natural ecosystems. 

We help our partners greatly reduce the time and cost of plant breeding, and accelerate crop improvement in terms of adaptation, resilience, and end-use.

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What we do

We develop more resilient crops to mitigate yield losses due to global warming and enhance crops to enable new applications.

Our TiGER workflow overcomes common CRISPR bottlenecks to accelerate the development of new traits. We speed up crop adjustments that would traditionally take between seven and ten years (if possible at all) to only two to four years. 

We decrease the use of chemicals in agriculture and increase the yield of (organic) farming through more efficient delivery.

We have developed tailor-made particles that increase the efficacy of the agrochemical delivery, significantly lowering the dosage requirements. This decreases the strain on our natural ecosystems and lowers the associated costs for farmers.