Our Regeneration Solutions enable successful conversion of plant cells into market-ready crops

Regeneration is the final step of our CRISPR workflow (TiGER). After successful genome editing, in vitro cells need to be regenerated back into a plant, ready for the next phase of plant breeding. This fourth and final step needs a specialized approach and can also be performed as a stand-alone procedure.

For your unique variety, we develop tailor-made regeneration solutions that enable and increase the conversion efficacy of (CRISPR)-edited cells into market-ready crops.

Hudson River Biotechnology regenerates plants in a clonal fashion from individual protoplasts – single-cell regeneration. We have validated protocols for regeneration of multiple species and are in various stages of development for many more. Our solutions include multiple patented or patent-pending technologies. 

Regeneration is the final step of our TiGER workflow

The benefits of our Regeneration Solutions

Single-cell regeneration approach leads to a homozygous end-product

Validated & adaptive protocols create a specialized multi-step approach

Proprietary technologies improve efficiency of regeneration, including for recalcitrant species

HRB’s proprietary regeneration approach yields fully grown, genetically homogenous plantlets (timeline is highly dependent on species and variety). Single-cell protoplast regeneration makes sure we can provide a homozygous end-product and avoid edited chimaeras.

Our in-house regeneration team consists of expert scientists who have extensive experience with every step of the regeneration process. To be able to adapt protocols as needed for the regeneration of different species, HRB has access to an array of highly different regeneration solutions. These range from physical to chemical to biological, in order to customize where needed. 

Automation & Upscaling of our Regeneration Screening

To discover novel regeneration conditions, HRB has developed a high-throughput screening platform. This HTS platform enables significant upscaling of our plant regeneration efforts. Watch the video to find out more.

Curious how our Plant Regeneration Solutions can help you?

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