What are the people like at Hudson River Biotechnology?

We bring together the best people. Our HRB team members are experts in their fields and dedicated to take responsibility for a sustainable future. Within our work, we value innovation, integrity and personal development. Above all, every member of our team works towards a common goal. 

HRB strives to be diverse and inclusive. Our people come from a range of different backgrounds and expertises. For example, currently more than 13 nationalities work at HRB! Such diversity helps us excel.

Our management

Ferdinand Los, PhD

Dr. Ferdinand Los is a biologist, specialized in genetics and cell biology. After his MSc from Utrecht University (Netherlands), he trained for this PhD at the University of California San Diego and did a postdoc at Columbia University (New York). Afterwards, Dr. Los moved into science and business consulting and entrepreneurship.

Lotte Westerhof, PhD
R&D Director

Lotte joined HRB early on. In and around the lab, she is best known for her fast-paced talking. The most exciting thing about HRB? ‘We are not only planning great things, we’re actually doing them!’

Favorite plant: Fern
Nationality: Dutch

Gabino Sanchez, PhD
Sales & Business Development Director

Gabino’s passion affects everything he does. Whether it’s brainstorming about new innovations, or cooking a nice paella, he gives it his all. In his position, Gabino aims to build a bridge between technological innovation and market pull. To him, HRB is an organization that blends science, boldness and positive energy with an ambitious goal: apply technologies to change the world into a better place.

Favorite plant: Ginkgo biloba
Nationality: Spanish

Our scientific advisory board

Patricia Dankers

Professor Dankers advises us on the design, development and implementation efforts with regard to automation and scaling of the TiGER workflow.

Enrico Mastrobattista

Professor Mastrobattista advises us on our nanoparticle delivery systems.

John van der Oost

Professor van der Oost advises us on the further refinement of our TiGER workflow, for example through the development and application of improved proteins.

Our team

Unfortunately we cannot include all the members of our team, but here is a selection of some of the people that work at Hudson River Biotechnology.

Alberto Natali

Alberto is HRB’s solution-oriented scientist in the plant biochemistry department. He comes from a strong background in plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, spectroscopy and imaging. Working at HRB stimulates his creativity and motivates him in his pursuit of innovation. He loves that the team at HRB is not scared to explore challenging ideas that can lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

Favorite plant: Wilson, his bonsai tree
Nationality: Italian

Inge van Bussel

Inge is HRB's in-house vegan (who would love for HRB to play a role in the meat revolution...) She supports the R&D team by managing all communication and timing around existing and upcoming projects. She particularly enjoys the fast growth of the company combined with the exciting and highly innovative activities that are taking place.

Favorite plant: Weeping willow
Nationality: Dutch

Michael Torgbor

Michael is known as the maize guy here at HRB. Why? You’ll have to ask him when you see him. Michael’s ambition to improve crops and contribute to sustainability perfectly aligns with his work at HRB. The diversity and world class skillset of the team makes his job even better.

Favorite plant: Maize
Nationality: Ghanaian

Judit Hunyadkürti

Judit joined HRB to be part of a challenging and exciting new journey to shape the future of therapeutic applications. A biotech revolutionist, she implements crosstalk between company platforms and expedites new tools and scientific visions.

Favorite plants: Tomato & Strawberry
Nationality: Hungarian

Lena Maas

Lena works in HRB’s Genetics team. She is a molecular biologist with a strong background in plant regeneration. She enjoys that no day is like the other at HRB! The colorful and creative personalities surrounding her ánd HRB’s strong affinity for innovative solutions to many world’s problems, get her out of bed every morning. No challenge – the bigger the better even – will scare her!

Favorite plants: Monsteras
Nationality: German

Kitty Huijben

Kitty can be best described as knowing a lot about a lot! She makes sure that our R&D team can do their work, but she also takes care of our innovation projects. The ambitious, dynamic, and social environment is what makes her happy to be a part of the HRB team.

Favorite plants: Freesia
Nationality: Dutch

Valentino Giarola

Valentino takes the lead in our Single Cell Regeneration work. He enjoys researching and developing ways to remove barriers that hamper the full application of gene editing in plants. By identifying crucial factors in cell proliferation, he helps to solve the primary bottlenecks of the regeneration of a single cell back into a plant. The journey aimed to create high-quality, safe, and sustainable crops, is what motivates him.

Favorite plants: Extromophile plant species
Nationality: Italian