About Hudson River Biotechnology

We are a technology provider, specialized in genetically optimizing crops to introduce new traits. HRB has been acting as a European front runner in the global plant biotech race. Since HRB’s founding in 2015, we have been working with companies from all sizes and different industries to develop new traits or solve technological barriers in gene editing. HRB has established a name in the market as a go-to player for disruptive innovations and cutting-edge technological developments.

HRB’s approach is to develop new platform technologies that leverage or further enable CRISPR, and that make CRISPR more accessible to its customers and partners. We often look in the biomedical sector to scout for the latest technologies and then work with co-financers to translate these to agricultural applications.

We apply our growing suite of technologies to develop novel crop varieties with innovative traits, including food and ornamental crops, as well as plants used to produce high-value compounds for the pharmaceutical, food and ingredient industries. Such traits include increased yields, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and increased nutritional value.

At HRB, we believe gene editing enables healthier crops and a more sustainable food production (e.g. less use of chemicals and water).

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Management team

Rudi Ariaans (CEO)

Mr. Ariaans is co-founder and CEO of Hudson River Biotechnology. He has extensive experience on business management in the life sciences and medical devices industries; in particular, commercial management and new product development of dietary supplements and food ingredients in both Europe and North America. Mr. Ariaans obtained his MSc degree from Maastricht University (Netherlands).

Ferdinand Los (CSO)

Dr. Los is co-founder and CSO of Hudson River Biotechnology. He is a biologist, specialized in genetics and cell biology. After his MSc from Utrecht University (Netherlands), he trained for his PhD at the University of California San Diego and did a postdoc at Columbia University (New York). Afterwards, Dr. Los moved into science and business consulting and entrepreneurship.