Challenge for plant breeding: increase crop yield 60% by 2050 – How?

📈 🌱 An interesting report elaborated by Institut Cerdà for ANOVE (Spanish Plant Breeder’s Association) shows some of the main challenges and opportunities in #agricultural#biotechnology, like the need to increase crop #yields by 60% by 2050 to feed a growing #globalpopulation, limitations of expanding arable land, and combat #climatechange .

The report highlights the urgency of advancing sustainable farming practices and the potential of plant genetic improvement as a pivotal solution for increasing productivity in an environmentally sustainable manner, addressing the rising costs of agricultural inputs, and ensuring economic sustainability in agriculture.

At HRB, we’re at the forefront of these developments. Our cutting-edge #geneediting TiGER workflow aligns perfectly with the report’s call for innovative solutions that can contribute to develop resilient, high-yield crops to secure food supplies in a changing world.