Computomics and Hudson River Biotechnology Collaborate in Optimizing Plant Breeding with CRISPR

Computomics and Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB) will start offering AccelATrait™, a joint end-to-end solution using CRISPR-based gene editing for novel plant trait development.

AccelATrait™ uses tailormade machine learning and CRISPR gene editing technologies to deliver new crop varieties with desired traits. AccelATrait™ covers the entire workflow from experimental design to plant regeneration. It helps plant breeders develop new business based on novel traits and decreases time to market by 3-4 times.

Rudi Ariaans, CEO of HRB: “We see a clear benefit to this partnership, as many of our clients would like to access both the best in class bioinformatics capabilities and the best in transgene free CRISPR protocols to decrease the time to market for new crop varieties. AccelATrait brings these two together, allowing us to really accelerate molecular breeding for our clients.”

Read the full press release here.