Happy protoplasts at the heart of HRB’s innovation

We would like to show this #lovely picture from our intern Elena Sánchez-Brunete Guillermo !

She is doing her master’s in #Plant Biotechnology with a specialization in #MolecularPlantBreeding and #Pathology at Wageningen University & Research. She started her master’s thesis at Hudson River Biotechnology in August under Lukas Blumberg and Lena Maas’ supervision.
Her project focuses on optimizing Homology Directed Repair (HDR)-mediated gene editing in plants by boosting #HDR efficiencies without sacrificing precision.

🍀 She will be working mainly with N. benthamiana – although you can’t tell from the protoplast picture ;)! After that, she will try her luck with tomato 🍅.

✅ The picture shows her second time protoplasting and the first time doing it independently, so how amazing is it to see the #protoplasts#happily dividing! You can see the #love for in vitro plants early in her career 💚 (left bottom)!