HRB at PAG31 in San Diego!

We will be attending the Plant and Animal Genomics Conference (hashtag#PAG31) in San Diego, CA from January 12-17th, 2023!

Interested in learning more about our CRISPR-based gene editing technologies for specific trait development? Please find our colleagues Lotte Westerhof, Kitty Huijben, Ferdinand Los, and Lukas Blumberg there!

🙋‍♂️On Monday the 15th, Lukas Blumberg will be presenting his poster “Multiplex Site-Directed Short Sequence Insertion for Putative Null Mutant Generation in N. benthamiana using MAD7”

🙋‍♀️On Tuesday the 16th, Lotte Westerhof will talk about our workflow: ‘TiGER; A Transgene-free CRISPR Workflow for Genome-edited Plants; Examples of Efficient HDR and Multiplex Editing in a Single Generation​’