HRB at Translational Biology Advisory Board of CBGP in Madrid

Last week, our BD director – Gabino Sanchez-Perez – represented Hudson River Biotechnology at the kick-off Translational Biology Advisory Board (TBAB) meeting, hosted by Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas (CBGP) in Madrid.

This event, a key part of the CBGP-Solutions innovation strategy, showcased how to bridge cutting-edge plant biotechnology research with practical, market-driven solutions. The goal of TBAB aligns perfectly with HRB’s mission: to translate scientific breakthroughs into valuable applications in the field of hashtag#plant hashtag#genetics.

Being part of this prestigious board is not just an honor, but a great example of the synergy needed between research institutions and industry leaders for bringing curiosity-driven hashtag#innovations beyond academia, offering real-world benefits: from the lab to the marketplace.

We are excited to continue contributing to this visionary journey and are looking forward to the next TBAB meeting.https://

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