HRB calls for compromise between activists and innovators to shape the future of agriculture

A recent article by Seed World Europe provides insights in some of the setbacks activists have faced in recent months, highlighting the polarization between traditional practices and innovative solutions. This clash has never been more pronounced. However, these are both sides of the same coin, with many similar objectives and much common ground for consent: a sustainable and responsible agrifood supply chain, positive consumer perception on novel crop varieties through transparency, safe and healthy agricultural practices for farmers, and reducing agricultural footprint on the environment.

At HRB, we develop technologies meant to bridge this apparent gap, sparking crucial conversations on sustainability, ethics, and the future of food. On one hand, with our gene editing workflow (TiGER), we are developing crops that meet not only consumer expectations , for being more nutritious and flavourful, but also activists’ and organic farmer expectations for safety and sustainability (more resilient to climate change, requiring fewer chemical inputs).

Furthermore, we are committed to gradually replacing agrochemicals through our smart delivery technology (Plentrance™), fulfilling the promise of biologicals as a safer and more sustainable way to guarantee food safety and quality. With this long-term vision, our technology provides the basis for sitting down and setting up a collaborative timeline, engaging with activists, industry leaders, and EU policymakers to phase out agrochemicals.

Are you interested in helping us refine and implement our technologies in the best way to benefit our planet and future generations? Your insights are crucial in turning these innovative concepts into reality.