HRB presents TiGER during SVPW symposium

This Friday, Kitty Huijben will be giving a talk at the Society for Plant Biotechnology and Tissue Culture Symposium ( about our TiGER-workflow šŸÆ “A transgene-free CRISPR Workflow for genome-edited plants in a single generation.”

For a wide range of species, our TiGER workflow overcomes #CRISPR bottlenecks to rapidly deliver top-quality products that can be directly introduced into the market development pipeline.

Our proprietary TiGER workflow yields a genetically uniform #edited organism in 6-18 months, offering benefits compared to traditional approaches:
– Transgene-free delivery protocols without the use of foreign DNA, which limits regulatory issues;
– MAD7-nuclease, a commercially more attractive option than Cas9, with high editing efficiencies to minimize costs for edit screening;
– Proprietary guide design software to target single or multiple genes in one editing round while minimizing chances of off-target edits;
– Single-cell protoplast regeneration to avoid edited chimeras.

Even for #recalcitrant species difficult to handle in vitro, we have achieved methods regenerate these. In addition, we are developing a nanoparticle-based transfection-delivery method.