#PAG31 was a tremendous inspiration as always!

With our HRB-glasses on we noticed several things:
1. More and more people are adopting the protoplast-RNP method for genome editing in plants because of its effectiveness and regulations in some countries. Protoplasts are also highly compatible with polyploid and clonally propagated crops!
2. Regarding trait discovery it is impressive to see that also the more challenging crops mainly for the purpose of breeding are now rapidly identifying candidate genes due to improved (pan)genome assemblies by sequencing and mRNAseq-based experiments. This will give a great base for some CRIPSR-verification we would say!
3. Single-cell sequencing seems to be the new hot technology to exploit in plants and will give a tremendous boost to our understanding of plant biology.

Thanks #DutchValley for again doing a wonderful job organizing our members’ booths!