Positive Shift in Biotech Perception: Gene Editing in Focus!

A recent study by the Alliance for Science reveals a remarkable trend in the world of #geneediting and #GMOs. Analyzing data from 2018 to 2022, the study shows a shift in public sentiment, favoring gene editing over GMOs across traditional and social English-language media.

📃 Published in GM Crops & Food (https://lnkd.in/e-X9k9MX), the research underscores a consistent pattern of higher favorability toward gene editing. This could be attributed to its novelty, having none of the (long) negative campaigns as GMOs have. And/or it could be that gene editing – which largely involves DNA alterations that could happen in #nature – is less ‘scary’ than the other techniques transferring DNA between unrelated species. The lead author also accentuates how this trend provides added support to the potential of gene editing in advancing global #foodsecurity and #sustainability 🌾 .

Contrary to common assumptions, #socialmedia discussions around gene editing have retained an overwhelmingly #positive tone, even when reaching broader audiences.

The study stresses ongoing communication, dispelling myths, and nurturing understanding of these technologies. Authors remain cautious about trends, urging continuous monitoring. Let’s stay informed through dialogue!
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