Providing Equitable Solutions in Plant Biotechnology

An interesting article on “The Conversation US” criticizes biotech firms for rebranding genetic modification as “gene editing” or “precision breeding” to evade regulatory scrutiny and public disapproval, while primarily serve to sustain an unsustainable agricultural model rather than genuinely combating #climatechange change.

This critique offers a valuable perspective for HRB, as we acknowledge these challenges and are committed to not just  technological innovations enabling a sustainable food supply chain; we’re about making them accessible.

Our commitment:
– Research with a vision: Our work in plant genome editing is deeply rooted in sustainability and long-term environmental care.
– Democratizing CRISPR technology: We believe in breaking barriers. Our mission is to make CRISPR accessible to all stakeholders, big or small, bringing innovation across the agricultural sector.
– Safety and ethics in biotech: Adhering to the highest standards of safety and ethical practices, we ensure our advancements benefit both people and the planet.
– Open, inclusive dialogue: We engage with a diverse range of voices – from small-scale farmers to global policymakers – ensuring our technologies are beneficial and equitable.

This discussion is crucial for our industry’s future. We invite you to read the article and join us in a thoughtful conversation about a responsible role of biotechnology in sustainable agriculture.