Transforming challenges into opportunities: EU withdraws the Pesticide Reduction Law (SUR)

The European Commission set ambitious targets to cut the use and risk of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030, aiming to make the sustainability goals of the Farm2Fork strategy legally binding under a new EU Pesticides Regulation (SUR). While this move is aimed at improving environmental health and safety, it has sparked farmers’ protests across Europe, expressing frustration over the perceived lack of viable alternatives under the constraints imposed by the EU’s green policies.

In response to the widespread protests, the European Commission, led by President Ursula von der Leyen, has proposed withdrawing the SUR plan to halve the use of pesticides, citing the need to listen to farmers’ concerns and acknowledging the polarization caused by the proposal.

While the European Commission remains committed to changing the course on pesticides, this decision emphasizes the need for safer and more sustainable alternatives, perhaps enabled by innovative solutions that can reconcile the diverse interests of farmers, environmentalists, and policymakers.

At HRB, we are committed to being part of this crucial conversation. Our innovations in plant genome editing (TiGER) and smart delivery systems (Plentrance™) are designed not only to reduce agrochemical inputs but also to offer a path to sustainability that respects the needs and concerns of all stakeholders.

As discussions on the future of European agriculture continue, let’s collaborate to transform these challenges into opportunities for a sustainable, prosperous agricultural future.