What if EU says no to plant gene editing?

There is a buzz about how #Europe’s hesitant attitude on plant gene editing could mean missing out on a massive 3 trillion euro! Imagine what we could do with that in the field of sustainable agriculture!

Here at Hudson River Biotechnology, we are all about finding that optimum where cutting-edge science meets practical farming. We believe plant gene editing is the key to stronger crops and a healthier planet.
It is not just about the tech; it is about growing in a smarter manner ánd making sure everyone gets a seat at the #table when it comes to #foodSecurity.

Let’s open up the conversation and make science work for us. Because, let’s face it, the future is about making smarter choices for our crops and our environment.
Thoughts? Ideas? We’re all ears! 🌱

Read more about it here: https://lnkd.in/dVvxA5i9