HRB within the 250 most impactful and growing companies in the Netherlands

🙏 Thank you nlgroeit for bringing this to our attention and thank you Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship for featuring Hudson River Biotechnology on your #2024 list of 250 most innovative and fastest growing companies of the Netherlands! We are proud to be on this list as the only company from Wageningen and would like to […]

Visit from VNO-NCW and the European Biosolutions Coalition!

Last Wednesday, Gabino Sanchez-Perez, Lena Maas, and Inge van Bussel had the pleasant visit of Tim Zandbergen, Thomas Grosfeld, Marit Hvithamar Rystrøm, Frederik van Til, and Sofie Carsten Nielsen from the European Biosolutions Coalition. As indicated on their website: ‘The purpose of the European Biosolutions Coalition is to highlight the importance of streamlining the regulatory […]

HRB Outing – Team building! 😀

Last Sunday, our company had their team building activity and to time to spend with each other outside of work! We worked together in different teams and we have quite some competitive colleagues 😉. 🔥 Building rafts, designing flags and making fire…we did all! In the evening, we enjoyed a campfire and for the brave […]

HRB as alumnus at StartLife Demo Day 2024

Our next week is full of cool events 😎 ! Gabino Sanchez-Perez and Lotte Westerhof were filmed in a strawberry greenhouse 🍓. The result of that will be shown on the 21st of May, where Hudson River Biotechnology will give a talk as Alumnus at the StartLife Demo Day. We are looking forward to meeting […]

HRB at ISF 2024 in Rotterdam

Clock’s ticking: International Seed Federation Congress is coming up. Who’s excited? We know we are! 🌍 ⏰ May 27th and 28th our Director of Sales Jorik Bremer will be present and talk with representatives from the Seed industry on how our crop agnostic transgene free single cell CRISPR edited regeneration technology increases the speed of […]

Targeted genome editing for improving post-harvest traits in tomato 🍅

Up to now, most of published CRISPR/Cas applications in plants (>97%) use an SDN-1 approach, where the traits arise from knocking-out or silencing target genes. However, there is a significant potential in gene editing approaches (SDN-2) where small, targeted modifications using homology-directed repair (HDR) can confer new characteristics to key genes. In a recent publication, […]

Feeding Trust, Not Fear: HRB’s Response to Food Misinformation

In a world where our food sources are under more scrutiny than ever, the conversation around food safety and biotech advancements has never been more important. At HRB, we’re very aware of the rising fear surrounding our food, sometimes triggered by misinformation and sensational headlines from media outlets that paint an incomplete picture of biotechnology. […]

HRB at CIOPORA 2024 in Marrakesh

Thanks for having us CIOPORA! We enjoyed the networking, explaining the CRISPR technology, and talking about concern regarding plant breeder‘s rights. Kitty Huijben presented where we as Hudson River Biotechnology see the beneficial cooperation between conventional breeding and new breeding techniques to get crops with desired traits.

Hudson River Biotechnology raises new financing for novel breeding techniques

Wageningen, Netherlands-based company is developing new varieties of crops to support sustainable food production and the transition to a global bioeconomy   Hudson River Biotechnology has raised an investment round from Oost NL and the Spanish agro-innovation company Eurogenetic. The Wageningen-based company develops new crops for the seed breeding industry based on CRISPR technology. The investment […]

Hudson River Biotechnology cierra nueva ronda de financiación para acelerar el desarrollo de nuevas técnicas de mejora vegetal

El objetivo de la compañía ubicada en Wageningen (Holanda) es desarrollar variedades innovadoras para una producción alimentaria sostenible. Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB) acaba de cerrar una ronda de inversión con Oost NL y la empresa española de innovación agrícola Eurogenetic. HRB desarrolla nuevas variedades basadas ​​en la tecnología CRISPR para la industria de mejora de […]